Better from the Side by Dævvskævv

Released 25 JULY 2019

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Better from the Side is the second single off of Dævvskævv's upcoming album entitled Episode Five, featuring the voices of Tom Simonsen and Cecilie Langlie. With this track Dævvskævv take a fairly sharp turn towards rather radio friendly pop, while still hiding musical references to the previous single, in the arrangement. The ukulele also makes a return as a part of the refrain.

Dævvskævv's members are Cecilie Langlie and Tom Simonsen.

Cecilie Langlie: Lead and backing vocals.
Tom Simonsen: Lead vocals, backing vocals, ukuleles, guitars, bass, keyboards and drums.

Cover artwork by Odd Henning Skyllingstad.

© 2019 Dævvskævv.
Arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Tom Simonsen at the Secret Quarters studios.
Released by Secret Quarters Records.