Vagrant God by Vagrant God

Released 05 SEPTEMBER 2012

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Vagrant God is the result of a Gothic metal album commissioned back in 2007 by a now defunct record label. The stipulations were clear: melodic-yet-heavy songs carrying traditional Gothic textures, propelled by catchy chorus parts and primarily female vocals. Needless to say, the project was unfortunately never brought to fruition due to the label's unexpected disbanding, and the material for the self-titled album was eventually shelved - for five years. The reason for returning to the album now is, above all, to give it a proper closure, but also to make it officially available to all of those who have solicited it ever since its embryonic stages.

Vagrant God is constituted by the very same line-up featured in the doom metal outfit Omit, and exhibits as such a markedly different approach to melancholic music than what is the case with Omit's debut Repose.

The original mixes from 2008 were remastered for this release.

Vagrant God is:
Cecilie Langlie - vocals
Tom Simonsen - vocals
Kjetil Ottersen - guitars, synths, bass, programming

Recorded and mixed by Kjetil Ottersen and Tom Simonsen (2008). Mastered by Kjetil Ottersen (2012).

Album illustrations and design by Robert Høyem.